I’m running for State Senate because there aren’t enough teachers, moms, or working people in the halls of power.

I’m not running for State Senate to boost my resume.

I grew up in small towns like the ones in our district and I know what it is like to experience the cruelty of a system where you can play by the rules, do everything right, and still lose it all in the blink of an eye.

We can make life better for working families.

It starts in small towns like ours, with people like you and me. It starts with electing leaders who know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck, who will fight to make sure everyone makes a living wage, and all of our kids get a high-quality education.

Learn more about the issues we’re fighting for below.

Reinvesting in public education

Protecting our environment

Creating a government that works for all of us

It's going to take all of us to win.

We're building a campaign of regular people to win an agenda for working families across Pennsylvania. It's not going to be easy, and it certainly isn't going to happen overnight. But if we organize, talk to our neighbors, and put it all on the line for the values we believe in, we can and will win!

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We’re not in this alone.

We're in this fight together with thousands of contributors, hundreds of volunteers, and dozens of grassroots organizations from all across Pennsylvania! Check out who has endorsed us below!

AFSCME District Council 98


Capital Regions Stands Up

You can vote for Shanna if you live in:

These parts of Cumberland County: Cooke Township, Dickinson Township, East Pennsboro Township, Hampden Township, Lower Allen Township, Middlesex Township, Monroe Township, Silverspring Township, South Middleton Township, Upper Allen Township, the Borough of Camp Hill, the Borough of Carlisle, the Borough of Lemoyne, the Borough of Mechanicsburg, the Borough of Mount Holly Springs, the Borough of New Cumberland, the Borough of Shiremanstown, and the Borough of Wormleysburg.

These parts of York County: Carroll Township, Dover Township, Fairview Township, Franklin Township, Jackson Township, Monaghan Township, Warrington Township, Washington Township, the Borough of Dillsburg, the Borough of Dover, the Borough of Franklintown, and the Borough of Wellsville.

Grassroots donations fuel our campaign.

I don't take a dime of corporate PAC money. I'm not hosting large fundraisers with wealthy donors. And I'm not a career politician.

Every dollar you donate helps us buy postcards, yard signs, and campaign literature.

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